Monday, August 22, 2011

Download streaming media from youtube or other site

we may need to download streaming video for many purposes:-
  • We are on dial-up and unable to stream video.
  • It is educational video and we want to save it for future reference.
or whatever is your need.
Wondering how to download any video from youtube or google video etc. ?
there are many ways to do so:

here is first way:-

Well if you are on firefox, google chrome or opera, you can install add-ons or plug-ins.
there are many add-ons available to download streaming video.
for firefox: Ant video downloader
for chrome:Flash Video Download
for opera: Youtube downloader

Another way:-

It requires application to be install on your system:

Software which tops on list is streamtransport
because of it's capability to download videos in almost every site. well don't forget to view it in maximum resolution to download in high quality.

Download link here: download

Second one is free download manager:

It works perfectly for youtube. download option will appear when you'll be viewing any video.

Download link is here: download it

If you are looking for similar software for various platforms, try this site .